Like in all the other Cycladic islands, also in Andros the wind power is used, nowadays by the use of wind generators and formerly by the use of an extensive network of wind-mills.

In Korthi area (and in Serifos island) was developed a special type of wind-mill, tavlomylos, with the wheel rotating horizontally, having a vertical axis. In the Municipality area exist such wind-mills and of the classical type too, which were in operation till the middle of last century, producing flower.

Contrary to the other islands, Andros has plenty of water. As a consequence, it was natural to use water power too. So it was formed an even greater network of water-mills, since the use of water as a driving force has, compared to wind, the advantage of stability, durability and better control, regardless of weather conditions.

In Korthi area you can find more than 40 wind-mills, excellent samples of pre-industrial technology. Most of them are in Dipotamata, but there are also in Aidonia, Vouni and Piso Meria.

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