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The Municipality of Korthi, in collaboration with "AIOLOS" publications, organizes from 23 July until 21 August 2005 the “Exhibition of Ancient Greek Technology”, at the Cultural Center of Ormos.
The exhibition includes models of various instruments (many of which are functional), war-time machines, tools and other objects that relate to life and culture of ancient Greeks and Byzantines, as well as models of their boats. It also includes fourteen thematic plates, where various technical achievements of ancient Greeks are presented, along with drawings and photographs.

At the same time during the exhibition, there will be film shows of archaeological content ("Agelastos Petra" by Philippos Koutsaftis, "Ancient Quarries" by Memi Spyratos, "The ancient mysteries - the Pincer" by BBC, "The works in the Athenian Acropolis" by Socratis Mavromatis, and others) and there will be lectures on ancient Greek technology (Ch. D. Lazos, historian-researcher, "Ancient Greek Technology", D. Tsimpourakis, architect-mathematician, "Efpalinos ditch", T. Kozel, archaelogist, "The ancient greek harbours of Thassos-Amathounta", D. Kriaris, mathematician, "Measurement of time in ancient Greece - Sundials", Georgios Varoufakis, professor at the University of Athens, "Quality Control of Materials in Ancient Greece".


Ioannis Glynos

Mayor of the Municipality of Korthi

Ioannis Koutsaftis

"Aiolos" Publications